Beginning an arty new career at Milton Keynes College

When Marty Strutt enrolled at Milton Keynes College he was hoping to turn his passion for art and design into something more serious. He began an ABC Diploma in Art, Design and Media, graduating in 2011. The course helped Marty refine and improve his natural skills, giving him the confidence to set up his own [Read more…]

MKC apprentice works her way up to project manager

Apprenticeships at Milton Keynes College can take you anywhere, just ask Alison Clare. She’s used her apprenticeship to take her to the top of her field. Alison undertook an engineering apprenticeship back in 1985, working with a forklift truck manufacturing company and studying at Milton Keynes College on day release. She’s now working for herself [Read more…]

From MKC apprentice to Engineering Careers

Apprenticeships at Milton Keynes College can open up all sorts of doors; just ask former apprentice Richard Webber. Through his apprenticeship at Milton Keynes College Richard landed a work experience placement with Brauer LTD, setting him on the path to career success. As part of his apprenticeship Richard worked on a variety of courses including [Read more…]

Former travel student transferring his skills to find success

We’re always delighted when a student goes on to a career in the area they studied for at college, yet many transfer the skills they learn here to all manner of industries. For former student Mark Squires, the skills and knowledge he acquired on his Travel and Tourism course helped him find success in a [Read more…]

From media studies to independent filmmaking

Zyain Butt has long wanted to work in film and media, so when he came to Milton Keynes College there was never any doubt over what course he’d study. He enrolled on a Media Studies course and began working towards his dream career. When he finished at MKC he made it his mission to get [Read more…]