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Apprenticeship Vacancies

Study an apprenticeship at Milton Keynes College and you’ll join a programme that combines on-the-job training with your study, so you gain valuable experience in your chosen industry while working towards a nationally recognised qualification. We work with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) to offer the best apprenticeship programmes with great employers, both in the [Read more...]

The dreaded job hunt: how to stay motivated

There’s no two ways about it: job hunting is stressful. Whether you’re fresh out of uni and looking for a graduate role or you’ve taken the plunge and are changing career, the job search is never pleasant. So how can you keep going through all the CV writing, the online application forms, the rejection letters? [Read more...]

Rapper and former student on the path to becoming a star

“You can do anything you want to! So why waste time not doing it? Start living life and follow your dreams!” This advice from former Art and Design student Ali Bandali isn’t just a sound bite; he’s been living by these words ever since he left College. Now better known as the rapper Raz, Ali has [Read more...]

Offering work experience: what do YOU get out of it?

Great experience, an insight into the world of work and something to put on the CV… the benefits of a work placement for students are obvious. But what do employers get out of it? The answer is, of course, lots! Work experience placements can be just as valuable to an employer as they are to [Read more...]